Brooklyn the south...singing metal???


KERION Fireblast feat Rachel ETHS- [Official Music Video]

Haven’t listened to this in so long I forgot how awesome it is. Now who wants to start a band?


My next short story is a lot of character introspection and I’m having trouble thinking of a song for The Collective playlist that would fit. It’s for Tamara, the protagonist for the first Collective story:


I wish I had a voice awesome enough for power metal cause I’d like to do a cover of Gulliver’s Travels by Redeemers.

Aug 3

This was originally a one person project but due to inexperience I’m looking for another member who has songwriting experience to help with this first album. Some lyrics are written already and I have music that was composed for this project. If you’re interested just send me a message. The chances of me saying no are not very high.

Aug 3

Dia | Metal from Tallahassee, FL


This is a new project, there’s vocal only demos at the moment. I can’t give anything certain on when that will change. In the meantime I’d like to collab/network with other musicians or bands. =)

The Collective

One city is a screech of grinding gears, rusted metal, and despair. The other is a song of paranormal defiance. Both co-exist in the same time and space. Whether humans live above the magical world or the magical world lives above humans doesn’t matter. One group is charged with protection of these cities. A secret collective of witches granted stronger powers than the others. Their identities…

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New music video by Symfinity! #GrowingYounger

New music video by Symfinity! #GrowingYounger

Lists of things I want to do:

Write songs about Samiyah. (Seven Bays & Ever’s Gate)

Write a duet about Stenwulf and Bonfire. (Wulf)

Finish the four novels I started.

What I’m actually going to do:


So I’m playing through Mass Effect Three again and imagined Primarch Victus playing with Tarquin Victus as a child……

Mass Effect Tribute


I have seen so many friends before me

Die though I have given all in me

But their memory can’t be forgotten

What they fought for won’t, be in vain

Can’t you feel them

Here beside you

Given up


Than you could ever dream

Their voice, their courage

from what lies beyond

With me


More faith than I deserve

I have seen so many friends before me

Die though I have given all in me

Nowhere near as sad as I wanted it to be. One day I’ll add music and it will break hearts.